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SpeechMine™ Features

  • SpeechMine™ is your virtual companion for practicing speaking in English
  • Using the best of speech recognition and optimizing it as per the practice scenarios, SpeechMine™ is a unique tool to improve your spoken English.
  • SpeechMine™ facilitates its users to become more confident in speaking English and serves as a virtual companion by continuous monitoring of spoken words accuracy in terms of pronunciation along with learning English grammar
  • SpeechMine™ course contains
    • Practice Sentences in 12 tenses (A total of about 375 sentences) with usage instructions
    • Role-play (Communication) Scenarios (More than 85 Scenes, and 900 Dialogs) divided into 8 Modules
    • Each sentence with playback in English and playback of translated meaning in various Regional languages Hindi
    • Hindi
    • Kannada
    • We are adding more soon...

Unique Features

Speech Recognition

  • SpeechMine™ uses a unique user independent speech recognition technology
  • Everyone has a different tone, pitch and accent while they speak, which depends on their age, gender, region, mother tongue etc.. and sometimes infuenced by cold or throat problems, but speech recognition technology used in SpeechMine™ emphasizes on spoken words and their accent while minimizing other factors to give you a improved and personal feedback on accuracy of your speech
  • Every sentence practiced with SpeechMine™ will show “Accent Score“, which is calculated based on many factors like, number of words spoken correctly, the order in which the words are spoken, etc.. to give useful feedback to improve Spoken English
  • Progress tracking for every sentence with overall “Accent Score” for all the sentences you practice with SpeechMine™ for overall performance analysis

Role-Play(Communication) Scenarios

  • Specific role playing scenarios that will help you face everyday situations, where you can choose a character and communicate with computer
  • Communication Scenarios are divided into 8 Modules in the course with each Module containing different scenes
    • Social Etiquette
    • Expressing Joy
    • Problem – Advice
    • Enquiring
    • Directions – Help
    • Agree – Disagree
    • Anger
    • Surprise – Deduction
  • Once a character is selected in any of the scene, a conversation starts, and a sentence to speak or to respond is provided, with built in speech recognition “Accent Score” is shown
  • Average accent score is shown for each scene/conversation
  • Playback of recorded dialogs in English and playback of recorded meanings in various Regional Languages

Multiple Users

  • SpeechMine™ is a standalone application which can be installed on any Computer running Windows
  • SpeechMine™ facilitates multiple users in a single computer, thus a user registered with a computer can only login to that computer.
  • Each user will have personalised “Accent Scores” with course progress and Overall Accent Score
  • New users can be added to SpeechMine™ by purchasing additional licenses
  • Speech recognition works irrespective of age, gender etc. and thus helps an entire family to learn Spoken English from one system

Useful for

  • Students in High School or College
  • Call Center Executives
  • Housewives
  • Employees working at various levels Office clerks to Managers
  • Marketing Executives and many other English learners

OS Compatibility

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Practice Sentenses in Various Tenses

  • For parcticing Spoken English SpeechMine™ course contains 12 Tenses wth more than 350 sentences
  • Usage instructions for each sentence in all tenses, explaining when and why to the tense while speaking.
  • Using built in speech recognition technology, get feedback on correct and incorrectly spoken words with “Accent Score”
  • Each sentence has the following additional aspects to help while learning
    • Usage Instructions
    • Play the recorded sentence in English to know how to speak the given sentence
    • Play the recorded meaning of the sentence in Regional Language
    • Play each word to know its pronounciation
    • Correct and Incorrectly spoken words in a sentence while practicing with speech recognition
    • Accent Score, for the sentence
  • Average “Accent Score” is shown for every tense
  • Many people speak fluent English and communicate effectively without much knowledge of tenses. Of course, it helps to know about tenses, but don’t become obsessed with them. Speak naturally!

Accent Score

  • Accent Score is a unique feature in SpeechMine™ which shows the accuracy of a spoken sentence.
  • Every sentence practiced with SpeechMine™ will show “Accent Score”, which is calculated based on many factors like, number of words spoken correctly, the order in which the words are spoken, etc.. to give useful feedback to improve your Spoken English
    • Accent Score is shown for the following
    • Each sentence practiced in tenses
    • Each dialog spoken in a scene/conversation
    • Average Accent Score for each tense
    • Average Accent Score for each scene/conversation
    • Overall Accent Score for the entire course
  • Due to dependence on speech recognition to show the Accent Score and various factors influencing speech recognition like background noice while speaking, clarity of microphone used, distance of microphone from mouth and technical infeasibilities, Accent Score may vary while practicing. Thus the following optimum “Accent Scores” can be considered as indicators for self analysis.
    • Above 80% – Excellent, You can communicate with others without worrying about your accent
    • Between 60-80% – Most people fall in this range, so keep practicing if you still feel uncomfortable
    • Between 30-60% – Yes, you are right about choosing SpeechMine™ and try to complete entire course and you will definetly notice improve ment
    • Less than 30% – If you fall in this range constantly, keep trying and if you are still here, Please contact our customer support for asistance
  • These scores are not to be considered for a single sentence or for a few sentences, SpeechMine™ course contains over 1250 sentences/dialogs to practice, please try atleast 50-100 sentences before considering yourself for analysis based on above mentioned “Accent Scores”.

Multiple Users

  • 500MB Free Hard Disk Space
  • 1 GB of RAM or higher
  • 2 GHz or higher processor
  • Sound Card with Microphone support (use a headphone with Microphone)
  • Full Color Monitor and a Mouse


  • Headphone with Microphone
  • CD Box
  • User Manual