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Getting Started Guide

Activating Your Product

After purchasing and Installing SpeechMine™ , you need to activate your purchase by providing the CD Key given on the CD Pack
For getting the activation key, please

  • Call customer support executive at +917829128111 or +914027120565

  • Send SMS in the following format to +919290332233
    “SpeechMine™ ACT [your CD key] [installation code]“
    Example: SpeechMine™ ACT 424387665688 76635889

Once activation is successful, you can start using SpeechMine™ by creating users in the application.

Create First User

After Activating SpeechMine™ , you will be asked to create first free user in SpeechMine™
You can choose any Username and Password to create user
On successful creation of user, you can login using the username and password to access the application.
Note: User created in one computer can only be used in that computer

User Login

After creating first user, every time the application starts, it takes you to a login screen
Type in the username and password as per the created user and click on “Login” Button to start using the application.
If you see any error messages, please follow the instructions provided along with the message.

Reset Password

In case you forget your password, please provide username and click on “Reset Password” button
On confirming your request to reset password, a new password will be generated by the application and your new password will be shown to you
Provide the new password along with your username to login

Create New User’s

SpeechMine™ facilitates multiple user accounts in the same computer, and you can create new users as per your requirement
Please call our customer support at +917829128111 or +914027120565 for creating new users after purchasing multi user license from our website at http://speechmine.com

For getting the activation key to activate new user in the application, please

  • Call customer support executive at +917829128111 or +914027120565

  • Send SMS in the following format to +919290332233
    “SpeechMine™ USERACT [new username] [installation code]“
    Example: SpeechMine™ USERACT Praveen 76635889

Once activation is successful, you can start using SpeechMine™ by logging in as the newly created user.

SpeechMine™ Home Page

SpeechMine™ is your virtual companion for practicing speaking in English

On home page, you can see your

  • Overall Accent Score, which is an average of all accent scores in practiced sentences
  • Course Progess with number and percentage of sentences tried

You can choose a regional language of your choice from the list of available languages, to give you the recorded meaning of sentences in that language

SpeechMine™ Course is divided into two sections

  • Tenses Practice
    You can select a tense from the list to start practicing
    Average Accent Score is shown along with the number of sentences in each tense
  • Communication Scenarios
    Communication scenarios are divided into 8 modules
    Each module contains given number of scenarios or scenes for you to practice

SpeechMine™ Tenses Practice

For parcticing Spoken English SpeechMine™ course contains 12 Tenses with more than 350 sentences
Each sentence has the following additional aspects to help you while learning

  • Play the recorded sentence in English to know how to speak the given sentence
  • Play the recorded meaning of the sentence in Regional Language
  • Play each word to know its pronounciation by clicking on small blue text above the sentence
  • Click on “Start Recording” and speak the sentence displayed to you, after speaking the sentence click on “Stop Recodng” to see your “Accent Score” for that sentence
  • Correct and Incorrectly spoken words in a sentence while practicing with speech recognition
    Words in Red – Incorrectly spoken words
    Words in Green – Correctly spoken words
  • Usage Instructions for each sentence in the description box below, as per the mentioned character next to the sentence

“Average Speech Accuracy” is average of Accent Scores you have got in various sentences in the selected Tense

Many people speak fluent English and communicate effectively without much knowledge of tenses. Of course, it helps to know about tenses, but don’t become obsessed with them. Speak naturally!

SpeechMine™ Scenes Listing

SpeechMine™ course contains 8 Modules in Communication Scenarios section with about 88 scenes
On selecting a module from home page, you are shown the list of scenes for the selected module

Each scenes is a conversation between two people and has the following information shown on the screen

  • Title of the scene
  • Two characters in the scene
  • Status of the scene
    Pending: All dialogs of both the characters in a scene are yet to be practiced with speech recognition
    Competed: All dialogs in a scene are practiced with speech recognition
  • Average Accent Score of the scene, is an average score in all practiced dialogs of a scene

You can select one of the two characters of a scene to start practicing
You can try all the scenes any number of times you want.


SpeechMine™ Communication Scenario

On selecting a character from the Scenes Listing screen, you are shown a step by step conversation between two people

Instead of showing entire conversation in one step, on every sentence of your selected character the conversation is paused and the following features are provided for practicing

  • Click on “Start Recording” and speack the sentence of the character you have selected which
  • Once you are done with recording/speacking the sentence, click on “Stop Recording”
  • You can see your Accent Score after recording the sentence
  • You can hear sentences of both characters in English or your preffered regional language by clicking on the buttons provided on top

On reaching the end of conversation, you can see “End of Scene” below the conversation
You can also see an Average Accent Score for the scene on the top right corner
Click on “Home” to go back to the main screen.

Accent Score

  • Accent Score is a unique feature in SpeechMine™ which shows the accuracy of a spoken sentence.
  • Every sentence practiced with SpeechMine™ will show “Accent Score”, which is calculated based on many factors like, number of words spoken correctly, the order in which the words are spoken, etc.. to give useful feedback to improve your Spoken English
  • Accent Score is shown for the following
    • Each sentence practiced in tenses
    • Each dialog spoken in a scene/conversation
    • Average Accent Score for each tense
    • Average Accent Score for each scene/conversation
    • Overall Accent Score for the entire course
  • Due to dependence on speech recognition to show the Accent Score and various factors influencing speech recognition like background noice while speaking, clarity of microphone used, distance of microphone from mouth and technical infeasibilities, Accent Score may vary while practicing.
    Thus the following optimum “Accent Scores” can be considered as indicators for self analysis.

    • Above 80% – Excellent, You can communicate with others without worrying about your accent
    • Between 60-80% – Most people fall in this range, so keep practicing if you still feel uncomfortable
    • Between 30-60% – Yes, you are right about choosing SpeechMine™ and try to complete entire course and you will definetly notice improvement
    • Less than 30% – If you fall in this range constantly, keep trying and if you are still here, Please contact our customer support for asistance

    *These scores are not to be considered for a single sentence or for a few sentences, SpeechMine™ course contains over 1250 sentences/dialogs to practice, please try atleast 50-100 sentences before considering yourself for analysis based on above mentioned “Accent Scores”.