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English Lab Software (For Training Institutes and Schools)

LAN or WiFi based setup of SpeechMine™ for a lab

SpeechMine™ English Lab is a desktop software which provides offline delivery platform of SpeechMine™

It is specially designed for:

  • Institutions, ELT Institutes, Colleges, Universities, Call Centres, BPO and Corporates

who want to train English Language to their respective students and employees any time using their network (LAN or WiFi) infrastructure.

SpeechMine™ English Lab would be help ful for

  • Colleges and Academic Institutions:
    We have specialized content for students of many agge groups. An institute can start courses at their own labs.
  • Corporate:
    Any size of company, corporate institutes can use our English Lab to train their staff for English communication. A corporate can run courses in their own company network by establishing one SpeechMine™ English Lab Server for managing users
  • Academic Center:
    ELT Center, Call Center & computer centre can use SpeechMine™ English Lab for accent training and improving speech skills. We have special offers to rejuvenate such centres.

Teacher/Admin Console

Teachers are cannot pay personal attention to all the students due to limited avaliability of time and resources.
Using SpeechMine™ English Language Lab Software helps the teacher overcome the problems and limitations in a classroom.

Each student is given a personalized assistance in enhancing their communication skills. Communicative skills are imparted with efficiency and precision from the pre recorded course material.
Teacher can guide students based on their performance.

Admin or Teacher panel of SpeechMine™ English Lab provides the following features

  • Create new student accounts for login
  • Monitor individual student's course progress
  • Export progress and performance of all students in the institute

Student/Learner Console

SpeechMine™ English Language Lab Software acts as a virtual friend to a student by giving continuous feedback on accent.

Student can login to SpeechMine™ anytime on any system connected in the institute's network and start practicing the course

  • SpeechMine™ course contains
    • Practice Sentences in 12 tenses (A total of about 375 sentences) with usage instructions
    • Role-play (Communication) Scenarios (More than 85 Scenes, and 900 Dialogs) divided into 8 Modules
    • Each sentence with playback in English and playback of translated meaning in various Regional languages Hindi

While a confident student is free to move ahead of schedule, in consultation with the teacher, a weaker student may stay with a lesson till he or she feels sure